About Web Gigabyte

Frances Bislig
My name is Frances Bislig, founder and owner of Web Gigabyte. I am a local of Easton, Pennsylvania. My goal is to help out churches, nonprofits, and small businesses get a digital presence.
“If you need an affordable and professional-looking website that will boost traffic and convert visitors into customers, I can help you!”

I have over 20 years of software development experience in the Information Technology world.  I have recently retired from my full-time job as a software developer, and as a result, founded Web Gigabyte. It is a division of EB Unlimited LLC that was established and registered in Pennsylvania back in 2009.

Founding this web design business is not just another job for me. Indeed, my problem-solving skills and dedication to delivering high-quality solutions enable me to provide stellar service. Being able to help out small businesses cost-effectively achieve their goals gives me a deep sense of purpose. Additionally, this new challenging journey of mine is for sure going to be fulfilling, rewarding, and motivating.

Thank you for visiting my website.  I look forward to offering you my unparalleled service and support that you will not find elsewhere.

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